What’s it all about?

Hello All,

Do you feel frustrated by your limited ability to engage parliament?  We sure do.  Try living in one of the most Conservative strongholds in Canada.  Our election results are a foregone conclusion, so rather than dis-engaging from the process, we’ve decided we really want Pierre to get to know us.  At different times we have each reached out to Honourable Pierre Poilievre and felt short changed by the responses we’ve received.  We’ve decided we need a more intensive, persistent approach.  Watching the provincial election results come in, my sister and I came up with what we think is a master plan for the remainder of the federal term.   Send regular letters to Pierre.  Post it on our blog for comments and suggestions.  Post his responses.

Why, you ask?

1.  We are the government!

2.  Pierre states on his Facebook page that he works for the people of Canada (we are)

3.  We find many of the things this government does baffling, but there is an outside possibility that Pierre can help shed some light behind the reasons for their decisions. Outside possibility.

The list goes on…   Leave us a comment, what do you think we should write to Pierre about?


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