Omar Khadr – 2010

From: KD
Sent: February 17, 2010 4:20 PM
To: Poilievre, Pierre – M.P.

Subject: Omar Khadr

Hello Pierre,

I have just moved into your riding in Old Barrhaven.  I wanted to get in touch to let you know how disappointed I am with our governments response to Omar Khadr.  It makes me uncomfortable as a Canadian to see our Government taking no, or bare minimum action in order to return him home.  Since the Supreme court has been very clear about our errors and the fact that his human rights have been abused I have been very surprised with the inaction of your party.

In addressing the human rights of Omar Khadr you would give us all confidence that our own rights would be safeguarded.
Please let me know what your stance on this issue is and what you are doing about this issue.

Best Regards,

Read Pierre’s Reply


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Two concerned citizens living in Nepean-Carleton. Weekly exploration into the world of Pierre Poilievre our local MP. View all posts by dearpierrep

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