Canadian Census – 2010_3


Hi Pierre,
Thank you for sharing your opinion with me. As Edmund Burke defined the standards of elected representatives: “It is his duty to sacrifice his repos, his pleasures, his satisfaction, to constituents; and above all, ever and in all cases, to prefer their interests to his own.” I would really like to feel that as my representative you are willing to represent me and my opinions. I have not gleaned this based on both of the instances where we have corresponded. In both instances your response was simply re-stating “the government’s” position, which I am already familiar with. You do not solely hold the power to determine whether the government will revisit issues, the people of Canada do.


About dearpierrep

Two concerned citizens living in Nepean-Carleton. Weekly exploration into the world of Pierre Poilievre our local MP. View all posts by dearpierrep

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