CBC Cuts – 2011_3

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the response. I understand the budgetary concerns, which I believe were a concern before you won the election. In which case I don’t understand why this was something that was promised by the CPC’s during the election? It seems that the other promised which were made are being honoured, and I am concerned that this one will not be. I specifically heard James Moore unequivocally state that the CBC’s funding would be maintained OR increased.

Best Regards, KD


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2 responses to “CBC Cuts – 2011_3

  • Brian

    It appears there are 2 points that aren’t getting across to the public.

    The first is that in economic bad times it’s the governments responsibility to adjust budgets for the whole country irrespective of what budgets may have been in past “better” times.

    The second is that the government is responsible for making sure taxpayers are getting “value” for heir money. Even if someone has a “favorite” crown corporation, that corporation still needs to be accountable and efficient.

    • dearpierrep

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your comments. I don’t think that these points are missed by the public in this instance. The CPC’s were the ones who made this promise. This isn’t a new request that has come about since the Conservatives took power, or since the economic down turn. These are recent statements and promises from the government. CPC’s used this in their election campaign for a reason, and holding them accountable to this is reasonable.
      Certainly the people who believe public broadcasting is valuable are going to remind the government of their own promises.

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