Brick Wall?

You will see from our last few letters that Pierre’s team has decided, or been directed to provide zero response to our questions.  Either that, or they are blatantly not reading our letters.   I find this curious in time where most of the public is so disengaged from the political process, or maybe this is part of the reason *why* so many are disengaged.  Pierre is my link to our government, when I receive responses from him with no value it makes me want to stop writing, since it is futile.  The good news is we won’t stop, and I encourage all of you to also write to your MP and get your views heard!  Please feel free to take a copy of any of the letters we have sent and use those.  Write us a comment if you are writing to your MP.


About dearpierrep

Two concerned citizens living in Nepean-Carleton. Weekly exploration into the world of Pierre Poilievre our local MP. View all posts by dearpierrep

One response to “Brick Wall?

  • Ken Harten

    Has anyone else noticed that if you put a long black coat on Pierre he is the spitting image of Heinrich Himmler. Just like Heinny our little Pierre’s main task is indoctrinating people to the party’s programme. All rise! Heil Harper!!

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